Common Electrical Problems

Problems with the electrical systems will typically trigger the check engine light.

Car won't start at all? Frequent jump-starts?

A healthy charging system will typically replenish the charge used to start the engine after about seven miles of driving. Frequent jump starts can be caused by a weak battery, inadequate or improper charging, or faulty connections.


The battery itself can fail to hold a charge. Many things, such as extreme temperature and improper charging can damage a battery. A simple battery test can determine whether replacement of the battery is necessary. Some water-filled batteries can run dry, causing damage and decrease performance.

Another common problem we experience at our shop, are vehicles running with the wrong size or type battery.


Since a battery can be damaged by improper charging, the alternator should be tested and inspected when replacing the battery. If the battery is tested and functioning properly, the alternator may not be providing an adequate charge.

Electrical System, Starter System, and Ignition System

If the alternator and battery are functioning properly, starting issues are left to the components that use the battery to start the engine. Improper connections, a bad starter, and issues with the ignition system can prevent a vehicle from starting. Certain security features can also prevent starting.