Engine Replacement

When engine failure occurs, there are several replacement options. Replacing an engine is more affordable than rebuilding the failed engine. A rebuilt engine is more likely to fail again, and sooner. The replacement also requires less downtime.

Factory Re-manufactured Engine

We most often recommend Factory Re-manufactured Engines. Factory warranties cannot be beat; they cover towing, parts and labor, hotel costs, and even car rental.

Low Mileage Imported Engine

Less expensive is installing low mileage imported engines. The warranty is typically only thirty to ninety days, covering parts only. These imported engines are not available for all makes and models.

Porsche Owners

For non-Porsche models, we recommend the replacement options due to a reduction in cost. However, the opposite is true with many Porsche models. Rebuilding the engine can be done in-house for less than the cost of a replacement engine.