Common Problems With the Automotive Air Conditioning System

The solution to your air conditioning problem depends on its specific cause. If your A/C is not working, we will first inspect the system and determine the specific problem before continuing with repairs. Below are some common issues within this system. Don�t hesitate to call with questions or request a free repair estimate.

Air conditioner does not work (�No cool air at all�)

Possible ProblemSolution
Major refrigerant leakReplace one or more faulty parts
A clogged receiver dryer (system filter) Replace receiver dryer (non-serviceable part)
Contaminated or faulty expansion valveReplace expansion valve
A broken or clogged refrigerant hoseReplace hose
Loose or missing drive beltsAdjust or replace drive belt
Faulty compressor or compressor clutchReplace compressor and/or compressor clutch

Air conditioner weak or failing (�Air is cool, but not cold�)

Possible ProblemSolution
Low refrigerant levelRe-charge system by adding refrigerant
Slow leak in systemInspect system and replace faulty part
Expansion valve contaminated or partially blockedReplace expansion valve
Compressor is weak, inadequate refrigerant circulationReplace compressor
Compressor clutch is slippingReplace clutch and/or pulleys
Blockages in condenser, evaporator, or hosesClear blockage or replace faulty part
Drive Belt slippingTighten drive belt and/or pulleys

Funny Smell

Possible ProblemSolution
Bacterial growth in the evaporator core housingClear blockage in condensation drain and use a spray designed specifically to treat the housing.

Simple preventative maintenance can be performed to prolong the life of your A/C system. Make sure to run the air conditioner on a regular basis, even during the winter. Running your A/C for several minutes every few weeks ensures that the system remains properly lubricated by mineral oils in the refrigerant. We are located in San Bernardino, California and would be more than happy to service your vehicle or answer any questions you may have. We�ve got a hot summer ahead of us and we all need to keep cool!